Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
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1001 Worlds

Digital collage using my drawings, fotos, BEEcode or free images

3rd Heart Remedy

Healing the enviroment with a radiant body of light, beeing in the world, but not from this world

The Immortal - Love & Care

Where is Laozi? Legend says after he passed down the Dao De Jing he disappeared never to be seen again.

Exit Guardian at Crossroads

At the corner where the Exit Guardian sits on the traffic lights, at the end of the year 2018 a car crashed into a group of people. A 29 year old woman died. There was a memorial for some time. Now the candles and everything are removed. This is my memorial for her.

End of November 2018 I created the collage "Standing at Crossroads" so this ordinary spot in Berlin was already special for me.

Not long ago in the night I too was almost hit by a car at this crossroads, though the traffic lights showed green for me. Gladly the driver could stop. He was apologizing and we gazed at each other intensely for a moment. Being both so glad and relieved that nothing happend. He looked like an angel in my eyes.

Usually we do not know when our time to die will be and which kind of exit from this world we will take. An "almost" can make us aware how valuable and fragile life is. I was feeling so thankful and blessed and when I walk along there, I remember. I consider life and death.

Mystic Moon Arrow Escape

Shooting an arrow which disappears from the world, it never comes back

Dream and Dragon

Akio Daisuke

It is all Cocooned

David Bowie and Troye Sivan

Ney my Love Sweet Spirit

Ney from Ahmad Abd El Ghani

As we pass the Ages

The narwal and his friend are crossing the time bridge and enter Berlin Germany. Guess what? They love it.

Brandenburger Tor Galaxy

Bee Wu Tang faring space in her golden UFO like Hagbard Celine travels the sea on earth in his golden submarine, visiting a vast remote galaxy that looks like Berlins Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

Talking to Narthena

n spite of the greek she-god Athena, Narthena, her younger sister, had absolutely no problem to come off the head of Zeus when she was born. Now she is situated in Berlin Mitte, Alexanderplatz. She is the goddess of madness and inspiration. With her unicorn she loves to impale and eat commonplace.

Your Shape Bewilders Me

Unicorn attracts Unicorn

My Fragile Life

When the time has come we leave the body for another life and other goals. A bees life is about 40 days, that seems not much, but how do we know how long it feels for a bee?

Walking the Dragon

Alternative travel in the higher levels of Berlin

Get Teppich! Wing Wing...

There is a Turkish carpet store in Berlin, where nothing is impossible