Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
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Antbear Kung Fu

O RLY? SRSLY? You don't think that has anything to do with the ZHANG ZHUAN practice I shared to you, do you? And you don't expect any results from this practice, do you?

But SHIFU! I practice this WUTANG PILLAR as I learned it from you and I do this every day for 1 FCKNG hour!

And an hour has 60 seconds on your smart(ASS) watch, right? If you would truly stand for ONE minute, you would have stood for for all the hours that ever existed in this DMND world!

Magic Bullet

This is my Galaxy Dog his name is Magic Bullet and he loves to travel the universe by taking short cuts using portals.

Hood Kha Ptah

Knowledge - Got it on Stick

Lock the monkey



The Sourcerat is bigger than normal rats, but she can choose size.