Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
© Bee Wu Tang 2020 - all rights reserved

Parallel Sight

Grinded Needle Well

Once an old woman was grinding a big metal rod into a needle. After a very long time she achieved what seems to be impossible. She became young and played the universal melody on her violine with this needle.

The idea of this painting in a wider sense is based on the legend of the Needle Grinding Well in Wudang, China. Actually the story is different and everybody who wants to know this might research it.

Bee Portal - Back to Paradise

It looks like a sunflower on which the bee will land to get pollen. But if you watch this carefully you will see that the bee will disappear when touching the surface of the flower. It travels to its source. If there are many bees around and a lot of distraction you will for sure miss this event. This is a good thing to happen, because how would you explain to your mind where this bee has gone?

Primal Wutang

The genuine energy and power of the Wudang Mountain in China

Xuan Wu 玄武

Holding the flower

Second Break of Trust

When trust is broken
The angel falls
The devil on my back
We take the widdershins walk
Grinding the millstone down
To the black sun
At the heart of the world.
I thrust my hand into that dark fire and scream
The devil and the angel embrace and unite
In my belly
Trust is broken
Synthesis begins
Solve et Coagula

poetry © Justin Harris

Spirits' Homecoming

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Guardian of Shambala

शम्भल བདེ་འབྱུང 香巴拉 Wächter des mystischen Königreichs

The Dark Warrior

Dao ke dao, fei chang dao read more »

A Call to Arms – A response

I am on a quest now through Spiritus Mundi.
To put down the Beast of Bethlehem
And restore the center.
The Worst stand in my way
The Best will not acknowledge the problem.
They search for answers in the meat.
But spirit is where the Worst have staked their claims,
Built their great fortresses.
We are at war, and reality is up for grabs.
I must find the Blue Lady.
I will restore the center.
I have to find the missing God.
© poetry: Justin Harris

Sleeping Phoenix

If u see a spiral look closely, maybe u find a sleeping phoenix too. There are very big ones and very tiny, depends on the spiral. They love to hide in spiral for there they have the deepest rest and almost no one will see em.


Everything is possible