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Berlin summer solstice

Berlin: ugly, rebellious, wonderful, unkind, mysterious, innovative, artistic, unruly, lovely, queer, dirty, stinking, multikulti, rough, honest in your face, peaceful, aggressive, sinful, holy, loud, crowded, anti, left, overflowing, poor, more than enough - as the people so the city - love her, hate her - live here.

Rayl Pain thought she would go around the corner and look for the party on the bridge. Smoke was arising and tekkno music was played very loud. She thought somehow, she would like to celebrate and dance. But as she arrived there she did not like it very much. Tekkno had never died since it developed in the 90s. It has power and allows everybody to be completley alone in a mass dancing and expressing himself no matter how that looks like, having the illusion to be together with a family of a tribe who loves to do the same thing.

Interesting how music attracts young people and also brings them to easily drink very much alcohol or take drugs. Not all of them of course, but many. This is how the people looked like who stood around. The center of the happening was very crowded. Rayl could not see it. She could not see anyone dancing, the people just walked around, gazed in their smart phone or gazed at other people.

Turning around she saw a kind of modern or disguised native american sitting between two cars. He seemed to be out of place. He stared too, but there was something different about him. Rayl decided not to go there to find out if that man was awake, or on drugs. She did not want to experience to be asked for money maybe.

She had enough and thought walking a bit along the river Spree would be a good idea. She choose to enter a field, that was fenced, but there was a hole in the fence and many people went through. So typical for Berlin. Fence it all, then cut a hole!
Entering the field, she saw a girl sitting in the high grass obviously doing her business there and a man with his dog shouting from very far all across the place: "Aber nicht kacken! Der Hund frisst das!" (do not shit, the dog is eating this.) She yelled back: "Ja, aber wo soll ich denn sonst hin machen?" (Yes, but where else can I do it?)

Crossing the field Rayl witnessed the ugly dirty dog of this man pooping in the grass slowly and with high concentration, it had the shits.

She felt like: I must get out of here very fast. These are the situations when Rayl Pain just knows she is in a wrong movie. Too ill to really happen, but it is her movie and there is no way of escape. The wrong movie makes her giggle and the laugh lets her feel to be above such things.

She soon found out, that on the other side of this field the fence was closed and she had to walk back. This is also typical for Berlin.

The way into nothingness, the labyrinth of nonsense.
Now she got aware that this location was mainly used for peeing and pooping by the people, who attended the party. Anyways she wonders why it still is not conquered by the 'Media Spree' mafia. She was glad to walk out, when she almost ran in a guy pissing in her direction. Next to him stood another one doing the same thing. They did not care that anybody sees their naked unpackaged noodles and even smiled brainless towards Rayl. Shocked of the unexpected view, she just began to laugh saying: "Mann wie krass!" (Gosh crass!). That brazen guy said: Später wird es sich vielleicht mehr dort drüben hin verlaufen!" (Maybe later the people will go more over there to piss)

This feeling if you just see something you do not at all want to see and not expected to see, but it simply is too late, because you already saw it. That is a bummer!

But almost at once a voice in Rayls head came up, playing the modern easy western society vinyl: 'What is so bad about this? Have you not seen a naked man before? And this one does not even look really bad, only... ok, circumcised somehow looks more attractive, or not?' 'Darn it - I am not modern, I am traditional and conservative and I am on the earth in the total wrong time !'... is another inner voice saying, to silence the easy peasy opinionated voice.
Rayl Pain inevitably reminds an old punksong by Die Lokalmatadore, introduced to her by an exboyfriend a long time ago. The lyrics are these: "Wenn et sein muss sing ich übern Pisspott. Wenn et sein muss sing ich übern Pisspott. Hey Ho! Here we go, Lokalmatadore Pisspottshow! Here we go!" (If it must be so, I sing about the loo).

Where is the dignity of the human? Where is the least of manners? Why do people drink too much, if it makes them behave utterly embarrassing? Rayl Pain can't help it, she does not like to see pissing men, nor women, she does not like to be confronted with naked people at all, crossing public places.

She thought the judgment day of the Highest must surley come soon, to make an end of this behaviour. She imagined herself driving in a futuristic water cannon vehicle Mad-Max-style, with very dark sunglasses, deliberatly flushing the pissing men off the streets of Berlin.
On the other hand are the middle ages really so long gone and was it not then that already the endtime began? Back then it was normal to throw all the scat on the streets. Today it still seems to be so.

The human is not yet even in the begin of his cultivation, she concluded of her experience, let alone has achieved something like a real civilisation at all.
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