Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
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The Immortal Bar – Part 9

Mirage Rage did not go to the Immortal Bar for a long time. And when she wanted to look again, it was closed. This is how it looks like now.

She has researched about this and it came out that an investor bought the whole neighborhood, to turn the old buildings down and what a surprise, build something new for rich people to move in.

Investors, the mighty elite of the 21st century. You never see them, but you hear of them. You observe their tracks everywhere in the city of Berlin. Big buildings are raised, containing flats unpayable, or amazing office buildings for successful companies. As a normal human getting paid a wage each month the same and just enough to make it through the month, this seems to be magic. Do you even know an investor?

On the website of the real estate company, who cares for the project, you can see that already most of the space for business, including the location of the Immortal Bar is sold, or reserved. Mirage is wondering who will move in there, if it is finished. They too will have their fun with the impossible, because the impossible does not simply move out, it exists in another dimension taking influence in our material world.

Mirage Rage and Anou Katten passed the ruins of the earlier bar and played being an investor. An imagination of having no limits of money and just say a word and it will be theirs and it will be built whatever they wish, the Godmodus of the real life game. What ever is imagined is built in a dimension of thoughts, because it has been spoken out and brought into existance. We built galaxies. To make it visible in our bodyworld of dreams it takes work and financial power though. Thus for the Mao-Wu-Center, that has been built on the day during a walk though the park, you need to use the Immortal portal to enter and view. If you do so, this is what you find:
A great martial arts school and healing center lead by the Masters Cat and Rat and the master of standing meditation Heron the Great, visited by foxes, birds, all kind of animals and you a rare human who found his way to another dimension, opinion and beeing. One time meeting the impossible in a way you can not talk yourself out of it happening, it changes all. The world is not the same anymore.

As long as the place is in ruins like now, the Immortals, who reach down and influence the material world from this space probably are on vacation, but do not think they will not come back, even if it takes a while. We will keep on observing the Immortal Bar...
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