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The Immortal Bar – Part 2

Mirage Rage and Emmeline Queerasy went to the Immortal Bar all the time after their Wudang training sessions. At that district of Berlin all bars where it is good to sit end 11 pm, which is odd in a capital city in Rages opinon. She often thought: I want to be in New York, this must really be a city where you can talk and eat until 4 am and no one throws you out or states that the kitchen is already closed. She does not know if that really is so, because she had yet not been there. But in her fantasy it is the greatest place to be for an artist or a nerd, of course only if they were rich.
Emmeline Queerasy - Mirage RageFriends and Training Partners of Wudang Style
This Immortal Bar was huge and mostly no one was there, when the women appeared. After only some visits it came out that Black Angel had to quit this work, because he had a girlfriend, who was about to get a baby in some days. He said to Mirage Rage if that was not the case, she would be the ONE for him. Mirage thought so too, if it was not the case, that she was in love with someone else. After the man broke up his job at the bar, she was meeting him accidently 3 times in different places in Berlin. They talked a bit and were happy to see each other, but he throwed her number away, because of the woman with the baby. He said he would never cheat, because he was a severe muslim believer. Mirage found that great, an honest man and real believer is a rarity. She wouldn’t cheat either. One must have the guts to be honest and fight for love, not just letting oneself be carried in the streams of life and take whoever passes and smiles, was her opinion on this topic. After that he did not appear in her life anymore.

Emmeline and Mirage kept going to the Immortal Bar, but it became worse after he left. They employed a waitress, who had the charme and the look of a vampire, meaning the women were almost afraid to order something, because that made her gaze at them really bad.

Seeing her was like seing an alien in a human body, Mirage to this day had not seen a being, who appeared to be a woman, not looking like a woman and also not even like a man.
VampireI wish to sleep day and night - I wish to eat without having to hunt - in my second life I am a waitress in the Immortal Bar - I dream to be a famous actress, ever blond and energetic.
If they asked her for something to eat, she said that the bar does not offer food, even if they had a menu, which she brought them each time to choose. Emmeline had the nerves to ask for cookies everytime. Probably in the hope that they would do something, if the visitor keeps asking.

They ignored it, only that it made the vampire more sour, than she anyways was. She must have led a real awful life, much more awful than the lifes of Mirage Rage and Emmeline Queerasy were at that time. They found their own solution for the cookie problem: buying some outside and eating them secretly behind the back of the vampire. Their luck, she never saw this, she probably would have bitten them and then they would have been undead too.

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