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The Immortal Bar – Part 3

One night appeared a very sad and demotivated man, he was the son of the owner of the bar. He gave the impression of being forced away from playing world of warcraft, right into a boring job world, where he had to waste his time on stuff that not even in the least interested him.
Son, Father, Relative
He was helplessly subordinate to his fathers authority, who wanted his son to be doing some good business to become successful and diligent like himself. The sons face was pale. He emanated something like a dead fish without smell.

This man, blond, quiet and short, now was responsible to employ new waiters. He chose only people, who had the same charisma as himself, meaning they were Berlin nightlife zombies, who stood at the bar like unmoving pillars, ignoring the guests, who anyways mostly were only Mirage and Emmeline. Each evening his family was coming around with about 6 or sometimes more people gathering around a table to eat and chat. They had food, while no one else could order something.

The Immortal Bar had an odd room for smokers on the far right, completely covered with artificial red leather, the window glass separation allowed a view from the main room. The women never went there, because it was stinking like burning sulphuric. Whether people actually smoked there or not made no difference. This is exactly how Mirage Rage would imagine the base level before the major gates of hell.

The friends were staying in the bar long enough to experience the cleaners starting their job. They moved slower than slugs.
Cleaners standing in the door of the main room
Emmeline and Mirage never really saw them cleaning anything. They just walked a bit from here to there, or stood in the door with a towel and a scrub. If Rage remembers it right, they were a man and a woman, maybe wife and husband, very quiet and almost not existing. If you do not exist, you do not need to live and if you do not need to live, you do not need to work, no one will ever see the nonexisting and thus no one will raise a complaint. Living in a dirty city like Berlin, dust and trash is always present, no one knows what cleaness really is. So, if they did not do their job, while they worked, no one cared.

Mirage observed the cleaners being in the smokers room, then walking through the door in the back of it and in the same moment coming out at the door in the main room, which was 20 meters far away.

How did they make the long way behind the bar so fast? Just after it happened, Mirage was doubting what she has seen. Because it was not possible. Even less, because each movement they normally made was very very slow. But she saw what she saw and it is what it is. Believe it or not – this night has passed a long time ago, but the rememberance on the impossibility stayed. I, the author, have not yet decided, if I believe it or not.

...Part 4 is coming soon :)
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