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The Immortal Bar – Part 4

Mirage Rage thought in general german restaurants or bars would prefer it, if they not had to provide a restroom at all. This is how you maybe can explain the extreme miserliness of the most of these rooms. Like a small chamber in which you almost cannot turn around. The light they use is brutal and dazzling. Viewing your face in the mirror, you know in just one moment how you would look in 20 years, after a very bad and stressful life, without ever having lived this 20 years. The only proof you have, that this must be a lie are selfies, shot just a minute or a day before being here.

You can be lucky, if there is paper to dry the hands after washing them. Hard paper of course, paper that is still wood. It is good for handconditioning, if you want to train steelpalm and want to gain the ability to smash stones to astonish people about your amazing skills. Mostly there will not be any toilet paper awailable.

The Immortal Bar, as far as Mirage Rage remembers, never provided toilet paper. And sometimes the wood for the hands missed too. Why at all they installed a toilet tissue holder is a question Mirage cannot answer, because it does not make sense. The owner of such a restaurant must be a kind of person never using it for himself, assuming that others do not need it either. This is the only explanation standing to reason. Who needs toilet paper? Did you ever saw a wild animal needing it? So why should a human need it in the urban jungle? It is also very odd that a big place like this bar would have only one toilet for men and one for women. Now, just the moment Mirage ponders about this, she comes to the conclusion, owners of bars shouldn't wonder, if people developed a habit like doing their business either under, or directly on the table. But she never saw that happening. Not even in the Immortal Bar.

The door of the restroom for ladies was pretty strange. You could not simply close it and turn the key for being private. You had to fight with all your power to close the door at all. Turning the key additionally left you always with a feeling of a possible horror night being trapped in this little white chamber, too far away from the main room, that anyone ever would hear u calling.

One evening the door was hung out.

Emmilie Queerasy was alone at that time and later told it to Mirage Rage. Emmilie had to use the restroom in the hope no one would look, or come along the corridor as long as she needed for peeing. So after this unbelievable incident they had even more to complain. It was quizzical, that the owners not even repaired the door. A possible clarification was: the son of the owner was the Hulk and when he got angry about his fathers demands, he transformed and hung out the door. Later, when he was normal again, he asked his father to help him to hang it in again. Yes, it is very probable, that this was the case. Mirage Rage is very smart, she really can penetrate a mystery.

Even now they knew about the Hulk, Emmilie and Mirage kept visiting the Immortal Bar. Like explorers, who fight their way through a cruel jungle with their machetes, in the believe they would finally either find a pot of gold, or an animal defacating gold, or a plant solving all problems of humanity.
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