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The Immortal Bar – Part 5

The Immortal Bar had one show glass right next to the entrance. Either it was empty or some rests of a half rotten supermarket cake was presented there - 1 piece 2.5 Euro or something. Mirage Rage does not remember the price. Numbers do not stick in her memory. The cake was expensive, it was just like: any price would be too expensive for this cake that was near decomposition. They should have paid Emmeline and Mirage a high sum for eating it.

Another thing each german person could freak out about is this: Whenever you order a drink and this is good, next time you order it again, you somehow expect it to be served in the same glass and the same size. Also if 2 persons order the same drink, they expect that they would get this drink in the same glass. In the Immortal Bar it is different. Here Mirage ordered a drink and next time it was in another glass, at least it tasted similar, which is after all a good sign, but it destroyed this strong inner picture of expectation at once and left her with a confused gaze and this question inside: Why? What the F***, hello, please, hä? The waiter would be far away by then already.

Because of all the hard Wudang Training, where you learned not to expect anything, but just practice, whether the teacher is there or not and under all circumstances, that confusion did not last long. Anyways it is good to observe how strong this inner picture is and that it really is there. Experiencing this small inner fight with: it is like it is, but it should be as it should be, until the acceptance wins. The women got used to this oddness very fast. But Mirage Rage had to talk about it: They have absolutley no concept she said, they should know what form of glass is coming with a certain drink. They are dorks, really.

Complaining is not bad, it belongs to german culture. It is for many people especially older ones the only entertainment they take pleasure in.

There came a day when a miracle happened. The Immortal Bar offered food and it was really good, it was all placed on a very long table and a sign said, buffet all you can eat, 5 Euro. Wow that was so wonderful. Mirage Rage and Emmeline Queerasy now were sure it all would become better with their favourite meeting place.

In the night they could not find an end for their talk and thought would probably be thrown out soon, because no one else was there. Then a group of 8 people entered. They seemed to be excited about the half rotten cake. Their coming was a relief, because now the waiter would see the possibility of making some money and would not close the bar so fast. Mirage looked at this group. They were quiet and it was strange that they looked very similar, though they still had different bodysizes. They took a seat on the other side of were the women sat and got the menu. Mirage looked at Emmeline to listen to her, the group was in her back. After Emmeline finished her sentence…

Mirage turned around to look at them again and they were gone. The table was empty as if never anyone sat there. Not even the menus layed on the table anymore.

Mirage took a breath and asked Emmeline: Have you seen them leaving? She said no, but maybe she did not notice. Mirage said What? Can’t be, we should have seen this, it was just a very short moment. She stated: These were ghosts! Think Emmeline, they did not at all look normal from begin.

Mirage Rage thinks that at least one tenth of the population in Berlin are ghosts. Unreals, who are more real then the ones, who think they know reality. If she knew before, she had looked much more intense at these group and also maybe would have sneaked up to have a closer look.

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