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The Immortal Bar – Part 6

The Gongfrom left to right: Anou Katten, Cala Baza, Luke Watergate, Mirage Rage

After an intensive Wudang training session on a beautiful Sunday the 4 friends Anou Katten, Cala Baza, Luke Watergate, Mirage Rage and 4 other people, who Mirage does not remember exactly, went to the Immortal Bar to have food and coffee. They still offered a buffet, but it was remarkably less food, then when they started the all you can eat action for 5 Euro. The price for today was 8 Euro and some food was not included anymore in the price. The ones who ordered this had not known how it was before. Mirage did not take it, she found it brazen. Most of the people just took a drink. 3 people among them Mirage Rage and Cala Baza ordered a Latte Macchiato Coffe. This time they got it all in the same glass.

The main topic in training this day had been meditation practice with the attention not to begin to sleep or get unaware caught up in thoughts. The teacher tested this about 3 times in striking a gong and if you were shocked you knew: ok, I was not aware and must practice better next time. Mirage Rage was not completely shocked, but a bit, so her meditation was not yet so good and also she just started the practice and could not sit comfortable for longer than about 5 minutes.

In the Bar a discussion began about if it would be good to always open the windows in the Wudang Loft, or always close it. Some people there froze all the time even if they practiced and others almost felt as if death by suffocation soon would embrace them. A part of the group felt tired of this talk, because it was a topic for each day and no solution satisfying everyone had yet been found. Mirage heard it for the first time. So she was interested, even though she not lived in the Wudang Loft.

There was a loud sound of a gong behind her back. She turned around and saw some people with a child in this direction, but they had no gong. The child played some toys and the adults were eating and talking. 3 of her 4 friends heard this gong, the others did not hear it.

Could the sound maybe come from a mobile phone? No, it was too clear and too loud. The sound and the gong did not exist.

Mirage and the friends who heard the gong thought that it is a sign that the training of meditation awareness went on after the lesson and will go on in their daily life. They would have to take time to learn it and do it. Also it could be that their teacher was odd enough to have a great space of power and was not dependend on being seen in his body to make an impact.

They somehow expected the gong to happen again, but the sound never heard again not this time and not at any other visit at the Immortal Bar. The meeting came slowly to an end. The Latte Macchiato was 2,50 € for Mirage, 2,70 € for the second person ordering it and for Cala Baza it was 2,80 €.

The price of 2,50 € was mentioned in the menu, the price of 2,70 v was written on the board and the price of 2,80 € did not exist at all.

Cala Baza complained to the waiter, pointing on the board. But the waiter said: Nope, 2,80 € is the price. She then accepted this and payed without pulling out her deadly weapons. Mirage Rage would not have done this, her level of acceptance is much lower.

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