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The Immortal Bar – Part 7

It was in a winter night of the year 2010 when Anou Katten and Mirage Rage entered the Immortal Bar to have a drink and talk. Mirage remembers this so clearly, because she made a sketch on this happening together with a small poetry and found it after searching through her records.

They took a seat in the armchairs glad they found a table, they simply wanted to sink in these chairs and never get up again, after having practiced before. After taking off her jacket, scarf and gloves Mirage aranged her many possessions on the side to sit comfortable. When she looked up, she saw a scene in front of her so stunningly beautiful, that she even forgot to close her mouth for a moment. Anou had the same feeling.

Der Muffin UnsterblicheDer gelassene Unsterbliche führt sich Nahrung zu. Er kultiviert seinen Körper durch das Essen. Die Fülle läßt ihn bewegunglos zur Einheit mit seiner Umgebung verschmelzen, als gäbe es nichts anderes.
Other people might have seen only a fat man eating. They would think in their mind, how can one ever become so fat, is there not a point where it is clear to simply stop all that overeating and at least stay at the same weight? Just to have a body form that at least comes as near as possible to the beauty ideal of the 21st century media?

This man was wonderful, he emanated a great oneness with his enviroment and total peace with himself. He sat like a statue. Looking at him you were at the center of quiesence at once, even without any meditation efforts. He sat at a small table having his laptop before him, eating spaghetti. Since when did this bar at all offer noodles? Mirage and Anou couldn’t help staring at him. He was from another world, that was for sure. Anou gave him the name Muffin-Immortal, though he ate pasta. Mirage took out her sketch book and cautiously depicted him, back then she did not own a fotocam. She was concerned, that he could notice it and be annoyed. She not at all wanted to offend him. He was so utterly amazing.

Just after Mirage finished the drawing and was about to close the sketchbook…

the Immortal slowly rose from his place, very slow, slower than a slot. His movements were smooth like a perfectly performed Taiji Form would be like. Sinking and rising, relaxed and balanced. He did not even seem to have weight as he stepped towards Mirage and Anou, he appeared to levitate, though his feet touched the ground to imitate a normal human walk. Ages passed until he reached the table of the both, though his place was only about 3 meters away from them.

Then he spoke to Mirage, his voice was very silent like a whisper, though clear and high as if he was a child:
Mirage said: YES! And felt very honored by the trust of the Immortal, she was glad he did not see the drawing, at first she was startled expecting he had noticed it. The women watched his Taiji steps as he walked the long way to the bathroom. How could he have no weight, though he had more weight than anyone they had seen yet? Mirage and Anou were curious about what he worked on in this laptop. But they did not dare to have a look. The place where he sat was as holy as the burning bush of Moses.

They hoped to see the Muffin-Immortal once more, but he never again was appearing in the bar when they were visiting.
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