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The Immortal Bar – Part 8

The Bar became worse. One day it was smaller than before, the owners made two parts of it. And soon after that they bought an oversized mediascreen and played awful loud music, or sports videos there. That was when Mirage Rage and also her friends did not go there anymore. It probably was meant to be a place for men only now. No man went there, looking inside while passing all to see was only the waitress and a guy, maybe her boyfriend. Soon the bar closed.

After a while the Immortal Bar got new owners, turkish people. When Mirage saw this, they went there again and it was great. There was much food and a very big vitrine with sweets, pastries etc, they even had icecream and also normal food, mostly turkish style. They played nice turkish music and created a friendly happy atmoshere, also they got new tables with turkish tiles on them. Only kind waiters worked there and a turkish mastercook woman was in the kitchen preparing all the wonderful meals. Also they had a drink called Salep which you cannot really describe – it tastes great, and they offered a good mocca. The chaos of no food, or food that is mentioned and not there, or drinks in all kinds of different pots stopped. The friends did not notice strange things in that time. It just was fun to be there. Ok Mirage remembers one odd thing though: They had these profiterole – pastries…

1 of them costed more than 2, but 3 of them costed more than 1, but less than 2. Then it came out that you can order 1 or 3, but not 2.

Mirage Rage and Anou Katten had a kung fu brother from across the sea, his name is William Clarity. Mirage had told him always of the odd things happening in the Immortal Bar. When he finally visited Berlin of course he went to the Immortal Bar with Mirage and Anou.

The 3 enjoyed their time talking of training and eating pastries and also having drinks. At a certain point William Clarity complained: You told me so many stories, but you know? We sit here and nothing happens, I mean it is all normal, or not? This place is nothing special, really, just a coffeebar with good pastries. With the last word he spoke out...

they heard a whoomph. Turning to the direction where it came from, they saw that the big canvas painting hanging on the pillar next to their table had fallen down. The nail on which it hang still was in the wall in sound condition.

They could not see any reason for this to happen. No wind, no broken nail, no one pushed the painting… William Clarity did not discuss this anymore, he had himself experienced impossible things enough in his life to know once in a while things happen, that cannot really happen.
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