Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
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In Tokyo the worlds are not apart. You can see this, if you see past that, what is there to see.

When it is getting dark in Tokyo, there is a sense of total safety. Fear is absent. It is warm, but not hot. The high towers with their bright window fronts emanate a sensation of singularity. Of course I know, that most of them are simply wheels of the rats race.

Hundreds of people stream out of their doors walking into the night, traveling home to a place, where they live and sleep, if they are not working. It might take them hours to get there. Even though there are many people, it feels as if no one is there. A reason for this could be, that none of them claims space. Nothing for the body, than the most humble must, nor and this is even more amazing, for the mind and spirit. Because this place misses reality, I call it the shadow world.

I am the only one being there. Never in life I had more space then in Tokyo, the empty city.

I walk on the path of Alice in Wonderland. The gateway is called Osaki. There are no animals, no monsters and no mysterious creatures in my sight, but though, this is still wonderland, because a parallel world touches it right there.

With my inner eye I can see, there are little people. No one is probably taller than one meter in the other world. A world, that has no light and never saw a sun, she flags the begin of the darkverse, which I did not explore yet.

The little peoples home consists of one great city only. Mainly I see skyscrapers built one above the other in many levels. Compared to Tokyo that place is far older, maybe as old as time itself. No one living there has ever touched the soil of their world, if there at all is something like soil. It can be, that all matter is transformed into the little peoples concrete, since all surfaces are completley covered by buildings, streets, bridges and black rivers running their liquid in silence and slowness. They have some plants. I do not sense any danger coming from, or existing in their world.

I cross the brige leading over the dark water. On the other side the odd and strong feeling of being part of a fairytale ends. I assume hereabout both worlds begin to separate again, thus I perceive the other less strong now.

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