Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
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Black Sun

Gothic Manga Series

Spirits' Homecoming

This is my first painting about human rights and as such I consider it very special. I have worked on it in late of October 2016 in Japan Tokyo. It is a commision work for a wonderful strong woman, whose family history is connected to the unimaginable atrocities of japanese military enslaving 100.000s of mainly korean women, most of them teenagers, as comfort women forcing them to work as sex slaves for their soldiers.
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The painting is based on the famous statue of a korean teenage girl sitting on a chair looking at the embassy of Japan in Seoul and a Sakura tree being a famous japanese landmark and a pure beauty. Also it encludes the principle of yin and yang and spiral energy. The painting shows the wish and believe of the possibility of a real healing between two nations and the hope of never in the future to let something similar happen again through awareness and rememberance of what has been.
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The painting process was not easy. I felt sick to the bones and cried, while researching what has happened. Though I put a gift of healing code in this painting, in the trust of the unknown, the source, where all life comes from, Love itself, the emptyness where I pull the code from, without mind and concept being involved, a way of transformation while not looking away from what has happened. Viewing the complete final painting then gave me and the one who it was for a direct experience of being touched in the heart with goodness right away dissolving something of the pain of that what we shared before, talking and reading about the worst things women can ever have done to them in this world. This is the reason why I want to publish this painting. I hope others, who might have a painful connection to the history of comfort women or rape and slavery, might feel a relief as well and a hope to experience something much better in the future.

I called the painting after the korean movie of 2016: Spirits' Homecoming.
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